When I looked at the SRD for the first time, I couldn't believe how completely barren it was of all the things that I play DnD for: elaborate descriptions of strange creatures and places, mythical races and magical items. It was DnD boiled down to the bones: Rules and Guidelines.

With this Wiki, I want to change that. I'm not saying that we should copy the DnD Rulebooks and put them online. The descriptions and pictures I want to add don't have to do with DnD at all. There are many kinds of elves and other creatures in myths and legend. There are feindish imps and towering golems. Fairies of all shapes and sizes. So research the ancient lore of the past. Describe the icy chill of a necromancer's touch. Sketch your version of the mysterious drow. Let your imagination free. Let go.

----Sleepycjkun 23 November, 2005

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