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Difficulty Class (DC)Edit

Some skill checks are made against a difficulty class (DC). The DC is a number set by the DM (using the skill rules as a guideline) that you must score as a result on your skill check in order to succeed. For example, climbing the outer wall of a ruined tower may have a DC of 15. For your character to climb the wall, you must get a result of 15 or better on a Climb check. A Climb check is 1 d20 + Climb ranks (if any) + Strength modifier + any other modifiers that apply. This table shows some example DCs for skill checks.

Difficulty (DC) Example (Skill Used)
Very Easy (0)Notice something large in plain sight (Spot)
Easy (5) Climb a knotted rope (Climb)
Average (10)Hear an approaching guard (Listen)
Tough (15)Rig a wagon wheel to fall off (Disable Device)
Challenging (20)Swim in stormy water (Swim)
Formidable (25)Open an average lock (Open Lock)
Heroic (30)Leap across a 30-foot chasm (Jump)
Nearly Impossible (40) Track a squad of Orcs across hard ground after 24 hours of rainfall (Survival)

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