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Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) is a series of roleplaying adventure modules published by Goodman Games under the d20 open gaming license. It includes more than 50 adventures, and features celebrated game designers such as Michael Mearls, Dave Arneson, Chris Doyle, Adrian Pommier, and Monte Cook, as well as classic TSR artists like Jeff Dee, Jim Roslof, and Jim Holloway. The DCC series harkens back to classic 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons modules in content and style.

The series' design ethos is summed up by the following statement that is included in every DCC:

"Remember the good old days, when adventures were underground, NPCs were there to be killed, and the finale of every dungeon was the dragon on the 20th level? Those days are back. Dungeon Crawl Classics don't waste your time with long-winded speeches, weird campaign settings, or NPCs who aren't meant to be killed. Each adventure is 100% good, solid dungeon crawl, with the monsters you know, the traps you fear, and the secret doors you know are there somewhere."

DCC AdventuresEdit

Number Title Levels Author(s) Published Notes
DCC# 0 Legends are Made not Born0Chris Doyle??? Note that #0 was released far after #1, not before as its numbering suggests. Features a cover by classic TSR artist Erol Otus.
DCC# 1 Idylls of the Rat King1-3Jeff Quinn???As of 2006 Idylls of the Rat King been reprinted 3 times, and the 3rd printing features the work of classic TSR artist Jim Holloway. DCC #1 received an Honorable Mention for Best Adventure, ENnies 2003.[1]
DCC# 2 The Lost Vault of Tsathzar Rho1Michael Mearls???
DCC# 3 The Mysterious Tower3-5Joseph Goodman??? Featuring original cover art by Erol Otus.
DCC# 3.5 The Haunted Lighthouse???Dave Arneson??? Produced exclusively for Gen Con Indy 2003 and features a cover by Erol Otus. This module is now out of print.
DCC# 4 Bloody Jack's Gold10-12Joe Crow???Original cover art by Erol Otus.
DCC# 5 Aerie of the Crow God7-9Andrew Hind??? Also available as an expanded edition. Received an ENnie nomination for Best Adventure 2004.[2]
DCC# 6 Temple of the Dragon Cult8-10John Seavey???
DCC# 7 The Secret of Smuggler's Cove5-7Chris Doyle???
DCC# 8 Mysteries of the Drow7-9Jeff Quinn???Original cover art by Erol Otus.
DCC# 9 Dungeon GeomorphsN/AClayton Bunce??? Unlike other Dungeon Crawl Classics, this volume is a book of dungeon geomorphs. There are 124 map segments, encompassing mazes, dungeons, underdeep caverns, monstrous lairs, castles, ruins, halls.
DCC# 10 The Sunless Garden6-8Brendan LaSalle???Original cover art by Erol Otus.
DCC# 11 The Dragonfiend Pact2Chris Doyle??? 2005, Nomination, ENnie Award - Best Adventure.
DCC# 12 The Blackguard's Revenge9-11 F. Wesley Schneider???
DCC# 12.5 Iron Crypt of the Heretics11-13 Harley Stroh???ENnie nominee for Best Adventure, 2006[3]. This adventure was converted to 1e rules by Jon Hershberger, for a special GenCon release, a highly sought after collectors item. Free supplemental battle maps on the Goodman Games website [4].
DCC# 13 Crypt of the Devil Lich15 See Notes???This adventure was the Goodman Games Gen Con 2004 Tournament Module, written by Chris Doyle, Lisa Doyle, Mike Ferguson, Joseph Goodman, Andrew Hind, Jason Little, Adrian M. Pommier, Jeff Quinn, F. Wesley Schneider, and Andrew N. Smith. Original cover art by Erol Otus. Often compared favorably with TSR's 'Tomb of Horrors'[[5]].
DCC# 14 Dungeon Interludes1-10Jason Little???
DCC# 15 Lost Tomb of the Sphinx Queen14-15Joe Crow and Chris Doyle???
DCC# 16 Curse of the Emerald Cobra6-8Mike Ferguson???Original cover art by Mike Wilson.
DCC# 17 Legacy of the Savage Kings4-6Harley Stroh???With free supplemental battle maps on the Goodman Games website [6].
DCC# 17.5 War of the Witch Queen7-9Harley Stroh??? Produced exclusively for DunDraCon 30, 2006.
DCC# 18 Citadel of the Demon Prince12-13Patrick Younts???Original cover at by Erol Otus.
DCC# 19 The Volcano Caves7-9Luke Johnson???Original cover at by Jeff Dee.
DCC# 20 Shadows in Freeport6-8Robert J. Schwalb??? Nomination, Best Adventure, 2006 Gen Con ENnie Awards.
DCC# 20.5 The Mask of Death6-8Jason Little??? A special limited edition produced for Gen Con Indy 2005. It presents chapter one of an adventure recorded in the film The Gamers (film): Dorkness Rising. Produced in cooperation with Dead Gentlemen Productions.
DCC# 21 Assault on Stormbringer Castle12-14Christina Stiles???
DCC# 22 The Stormbringer Juggernaut14-16Christina Stiles???
DCC# 23 The Sunken Ziggurat5-7Richard Pocklington???
DCC# 24 Legend of the Ripper1-3Andrew Hind???Original cover art by Jeff Dee.
DCC# 25 Dread Crypt of Srihoz9-11Jeremy Simmons???Original cover art by Erol Otus.
DCC# 26 The Scaly God4-6Rick Maffei???Original cover art by Jason Edwards.
DCC# 27 Revenge of the Rat King4-6Harley Stroh???Produced with 2 alternate covers. Sequel to DCC#1 Idylls of the Rat King.
DCC# 28 Into the Wilds1-3Harley Stroh???Original cover art by Jim Roslof.
DCC# 30 Vault of the Dragon Kings10 See Notes???This adventure was the Goodman Games Gen Con 2005 Tournament Module, written by Jason Little, with additional writing & development by Chris Doyle, Joseph Goodman, Jeff McSpadden, Aeryn "Blackdirge" Rudel, and Harley Stroh. Original cover art by Erol Otus.
DCC# 31 The Transmuter's Last Touch1-2Jeff LaSala2006Original cover art by Jason Edwards
DCC# 32 The Golden Palace of Zahadran14-16Greg Oppedisano2006Original cover art by Mike Wilson.
DCC# 33 Belly of the Great Beast21-24Brendan LaSalle2006Original cover art by Leo Winstead.
DCC# 35 Gazetteer of the Known RealmsAllHarley Stroh, Jeff LaSala, Mike Ferguson20062007, Nominee, Best Setting; 2007, Nominee, Best Cartography.
DCC# 35a Halls of the Minotaur0Harley Stroh2006
DCC# 35b The Thief Lord's Vault4-6Harley Stroh2006
DCC# 36 Talons of the Horned King3-5Mike Ferguson2006Original cover art by Jeff Dee.
DCC# 37 The Slithering Overlord4-6Artem Serebrennikov2006Original cover art by Leo Winstead.
DCC# 38 Escape from the Forest of Lanterns7-9Stephen Greer2007Original cover art by Jason Edwards.
DCC# 40 Devil in the Mists7-9Mike Ferguson2007Original cover art by Brad McDevitt. Sequel to DCC#7 The Secret of Smuggler's Cove.
DCC# 42 Secret of the Stonearm2-3Luke Johnson2007Original cover art by Jim Pavelec.
DCC# 43 Curse of the Barrens3-5Greg Oppedisano2007Original cover art by Jim Roslof.
DCC# 44 Dreaming Caverns of the Duergar1-3Mike Ferguson2007Original cover art by Jeff Dee.
DCC# 45 Malice of the Medusa1-3Andrew Hind2007Original cover art by Mike Wilson.
DCC# 47 Tears of the Genie6-8Phillip Larwood2007Original cover art by Jason Edwards.
DCC# 49 Palace in the Wastes6-7 See Notes2007This adventure was the Goodman Games Gen Con 2006 Tournament Module, written by Chris Doyle, Justin Georgi, Melissa Georgi, Luke Johnson, Jeff LaSala, Jason Little, Rick Maffei, Greg Oppedisano, Adrian M. Pommier, Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel, Justin Sipla, Christina Stiles, and Harley Stroh. Original cover art by Jim Holloway.
DCC# 50 Vault of the Iron Overlord7-9Monte Cook2007Original cover art by Erol Otus. The adventure features a unique map composed of concentric rings that rotate as the characters explore the dungeon. The module is printed to include a map on the inside cover that physically rotates, so the DM can follow the dungeon rotation as the players explore.
DCC# 51 Castle Whiterock1-15Adrian Pommier, Chris Doyle2007

Nonsequential DCC AdventuresEdit


Special DCC releases, typically collected adventure paths are released without a specific number.

The nonsequential DCCs are sometimes used to release DCCs under AD&D or 1E rules. These special releases are often produced in conjunction with a special convention, like Gen Con.

Title Levels Author(s) Published Notes
Saga of the Dragon Cult1-10Various2007Compiles the adventure modules DCC #2, DCC #6, DCC #10, and DCC #17, along with a 32-page adventure path guide that ties these four modules into one cohesive adventure path. Because the box set has wider "shelf presence" than the 32-page DCCs it can be found in major book stores.
Saga of the Witch Queen4-8Harley Stroh, Jon Hershberger2007Converted to AD&D rules, the Saga compiles the adventure modules DCC #17, DCC #17.5, DCC #17.75 into one cohesive adventure path.

Áereth: DCC WorldEdit

Áereth: DCC World is a campaign setting incorporating all the DCC adventures into a single cohesive world, written by Jeff LaSala, Mike Ferguson and Harley Stroh. See own entry for more details.

DCC annual tournamentEdit

Each year, Goodman Games hosts the Dungeon Crawl Classics Open Tournament, at GenCon Indy. The tournament pits more than 25 teams and 100 players against a challenging 3 round dungeon crawl, each team vying for the title of champion. The tournament is organized and run by Adrian Pommier.

2004: Crypt of the Devil LichEdit

Released as DCC #13.

2005: Vault of the Dragon KingsEdit

Released as DCC #30.

2006: Palace in the WastesEdit

Released as DCC #49.

2007: Chronicle of the Fiend Edit

Released as DCC #52.


A reflection of their popularity, some of the DCCs have been converted to other game systems. Listed here are the official Goodman Games conversions. (Fan conversions can be found on the Goodman Games "Freebies page." [7])

DCC #12.5: Iron Crypt of the Heretics (1e version)Edit

'Iron Crypt of the Heretics,' written by Harley Stroh, was converted to "1e" (or AD&D equivalent) rules by Jon Hershberger. The adventure was first played at GorillaCon 2006[8] and subsequently released at GenCon 2006. Initially, 60 copies of the adventure were printed, which all sold out in the first day of GenCon.[9] Goodman Games did a second printing of the adventure, which also sold out. While both copies are sometimes available, sellers sometimes misrepresent both the original 3.5 version, and the second 1e printing as the true GenCon first printing.[10]

Identifying characteristics of the 1e version (either 1st or 2nd printing) is the starbust on the cover that mark the adventure as a ENnie nominee. Identifying characteristics of the true 1e first printing are the mis-numbered area key on the map on the inside cover. Buyers should be careful and wary if they believe they are purchasing the true 1e first printing.

DCC #3: The Mysterious Tower (Castles and Crusades version)Edit

"The Mysterious Tower," written by Joseph Goodman, was a granted a license by Troll Lord Games and produced under C&C rules.

DCC #7: The Secret of Smuggler's Cove (Castles and Crusades version)Edit

"The Secret of Smuggler's Cove," written by Chris Doyle, was a granted a license by Troll Lord Games and produced under C&C rules.

DCC #37: The Slithering Overlord (Castles and Crusades version)Edit

"The Slithering Overlord," written by Artem Serebrennikov, was a granted a license by Troll Lord Games and produced under C&C rules.

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