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Complete Warrior
System: System::Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e
Abbreviation: CW
Series: Hero Series
Author: , |x|Author::x}}
Publisher: Publisher::Wizards of the Coast
Item Code: Item Code::176640000
Release Date: Publication Date::November 2003
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: Page Count::160
ISBN-10: 0-7869-2880-8
Price: $26.95 ; C$39.95
Product Blurb:
Forge your name in battle!

The Complete Warrior provides you with an in-depth look at combat and provides detailed information on how to prepare a character for confrontation.

This title was not only compiled from various D&D sources, but contains new things as well, including new battle-oriented character classes, prestige classes, combat maneuvers, feats, spells, magic items, and equipment. The prestige classes included have been revised and updated based on player feedback, and there are rules for unusual combat situations. The Complete Warrior will assist all class types, including those classes not typically associated with melee combat. There are also tips on running a martially focused campaign and advice on how to make your own prestige classes and feats.

This text is quoted from promotion material. Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher.

Summary Edit

This book gives the readers insight about combat, advices on how to prepare for it and how to live through it. It replaces Sword and Fist and updates its content for 3.5 edition. It contains additional rules and advice for the creation and use of character classes which specialize in melee and ranged combat, as well as lots of new such classes.

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