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Daeijine Illithid (3.5e Monster)

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Daeijine Illithid

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The eldritch horror could be heard in the darkness, a horrid slurping noise foretelling it's approach. It slipped out of the shadows far closer than expected, it's warped mouth expanding and revealing a nightmare of teeth below. So terrified b its visage, the flash of a knife across the belly went unnoticed, until it was too late.

Illithids are disgusting purple skinned humanoids with squids for heads. They live underground and feast on the brains of others. To them all other races are food, although they are not above diplomacy when they see it fit. They speak with telepathy. They have had conflicts with drow many times and despise them.

Combat, Daeijine Illithid

Illithids prefer to start off with a Mind Blast to stun who they can by surprise, attack, disable, and drag the stunned victims away before the stun leaves off. They always try to disable an opponent by might or magic, then coup de grace them when they are helpless by eating their brain.

Mind Blast can be used 1/day, and stuns all within a 60ft cone for 1d4 rounds upon failing a will save. Treat as a 2nd level spell for determining the DC, using your Cha modifier.

Combat, Daeijine Illithid Wizard

Illithid wizards prefer to keep their distance, weakening the enemy and then influencing their mind to get what they want, be it moving the enemy into a favorable position or dominating then and using them as a slave.

Typical Wizard Spells Prepared (4/5/5/4/4/2; save DC 14 + spell level)

0—mage hand (2), ghost sound, touch of fatigue; 1st—shield, magic missile (2), color spray, ray of enfeeblement (2); 2nd—detect thoughts, see invisibility, shatter, invisibility, spider climb; 3rd—dispel magic, hold person, suggestion, slow; 4th—stoneskin, black tentacles, charm monster, confusion; 5th—dominate person, mind fog.

Combat, Daeijine Illithid Assassin

Usually an agent sent when there are 'troublemakers', he stalks after his prey and strikes at then unexpectantly attempting to down them in one blow, retreating if unable to dispatch them quickly. Unlike others, they are usually driven by a job, not by food, so feeding is not an immediate concern.

As assassins they have their Death Attack, and use many poisons in their work.

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