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Dungeons & Dragons as Fiction

Science fiction, the most recently developed and still developing genre, similarly deals with ambivalence about technology, the near-miraculous accomplishments of the human race through science, the dangers to human feeling, soul, and environment. The surge in popularity of fantasy fiction can probably be attributed to nostalgia for a time still more free of technological accomplishment and threat, since fantasy employs a medieval setting and solves problems through magic, whereas science fiction is set in the future and solves problems through intelligence and technology. It is relevant that science fiction usually deals with some problem that can be seen to have a counterpart in the contemporary culture (space travel, international or interplanetary intrigue, mechanical replacement of body parts, genetic manipulation), whereas the plots of fantasies tend to deal with obsolete or archaic traumas—wicked overlords, demon interlopers, and so forth. Because of the contemporary concern, science fiction seems capable at this point in history of a deployment much more varied and original than other genres, and more often engages the attention of writers (and film-makers) with literary intentions and ambitions.
—Janet Burroway- Writing Fiction on the topic of genre fiction

Above being a game, Dungeons & Dragons is a work of fiction, told in part by the DM and molded by the choices and personalities of the characters and players that populate it. Being a story formed by a group in a cooperative act, this game offers fantastic opportunity to delve into moral and ethical choices as escapism. As Complete Xeno takes us into the territory of science fiction as a backdrop, it still maintains its thematic roots in fantasy genre fiction. Dungeons & Dragons, after all, is a world filled with magic. This remains the theme of appilons, as their world has less technology and a strong reliance on whimsical forces and abilities. Adding appilons to other Complete Xeno material may turn that concept on its head, providing a whole new slew of options and ideas to explore.

A Dungeon Master should be well versed in the themes and materials at his disposal to help set the stage for his players. The information provided here will help him with that task and hopefully enrich everyone's gaming experience.


Note: Page under construction. Check back soon.
Note: I may overhaul the races to use the variants as the main option with the progressions becoming racial paragon classes. Mechanically, there are likely to be some changes."

Introduction: Home, belonging, family, survival, reflection, destiny and purpose. Defining characteristics.

Introducing Appilons

Introducing new material is easy, but should be done thoughtfully. DMs, be sure to read all relevant materials to make the consideration.

Notes on design philosophy and power plus comparison to existing material.

As Non-Player Characters

NPCs build first impressions of a race, allow players to see how they act within the game, and allow the DM to make the choice of whether to allow appilons as PC characters (to test their mechanics and flavor).

As Player Characters

Full racial and racial class options.

Character Options

Feats, paragon classes, else-things. Link to general xeno-stuff as well.


Describe the generalities of the Anagii. Link to the section.

Appilons praise their cultural deific consciousness. They seek guidance and greater understanding through their community and connection to others.

Magic, Technology & Equipment

Appilons, for their great intelligence, lack any technology above basic tools and amenities. While they are capable of crafting tools of metal, they rarely do so. Not needing to go to war, and capable of surviving without relying on technology as a crutch, appilons have gone without. In their harsh world, they are often in need of equipment for exploring and traversing the landscape as well as weapons to defend against dangers such as battleheads.

Their weapons are typically modified tools, such as picks and hammers, originally prepared for digging and mining. As there isn't "wood" on Messos Myonel, most of these implements are either metal, crystal or shell harvested from battleheads.

Their armors are most often heavier sets, as materials like leather are likely to be eaten by the acids on Messos Myonel.

However, on the flip side, they do employ magic. Most notably, they employ divinations to secure their communities and warn against dangers both near and far off into the future. These divinations are used as defensive tactics rather than for aggressive battle strategy.

Olum System & Planets

Appilons hail from a far-off world.

Messos Myonel

The appilon home-world. Harsh world.

Introducing Messos Myonel

Introducing alien worlds in general. Introducing this specific world. What it has to offer: what treasures (goods and knowledges).

Neighbors Far & Wide

Interaction with other races of aliens as well as humanoids.

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