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Claustrophobic Edit

Summary::You are terrified of tight space and feel that the walls are closing in.

Prerequisite: None

Effect: When a claustrophobic character is within any enclosed space with walls 5 feet or less from each other and/or the roof being less than 1 foot above their height, they must make a will save proportional to the size of the space. As this is a cause of stress for this character, they may not take 10 on this check.

  • Walls on opposite end roughly five feet apart: DC 10
  • Space required to crouch to proceed through: DC 15
  • Space required to crawl to proceed through: DC 20
  • Space required to squeeze through: DC 25
  • Confined space that prevents movement: DC 35

  • Failure by more than 10 causes the character to cower in fear each round until they make a successful save.
  • Failure by less than 10 but more than 5 causes the character to be panicked until they make a successful save.
  • Failure by less than 5 causes the character to become shaken until they make a successful save.

  • A character that makes a successful save does not need to make another save for another minute.
  • Using an object with a fixed length such as a ten foot or five foot pole grants a +2 circumstance bonus to the save if it is in use.

Benefit: Bonus Feat.

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