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Cauldron is a city in the Shackled City Adventure Path, an adventure for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. The city is nominally located in the World of Greyhawk, though it is designed to be easily adapted to other campaign settings.

Geography and populationEdit

Located in the caldera of a dormant volcano, Cauldron is a medium-sized city. The city has extensive sub-terrainian caverns that connect at various places to the Underdark.

In the World of Greyhawk, the city is set in the Hellfurnaces, near the Amedio Jungle, east of the Sea of Dust, and southwest from the Azure Sea and Jeklea Bay.

In the Forgotten Realms, the city is set somewhere on the Chultean Peninsula in the Jungle of Chult.


The city of Cauldron was founded by Surabar Spellmason around 500-600 years before the nominal "present day" in the campaign.


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There is an article about Cauldron at the Great Library of Greyhawk.

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