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Northern Cerilia is divided by a massive inlet of the Thaelasian Sea that separates the jagged peaks of the Spearmarch Range from the ice-crowned Drachenaur Mountains of eastern Cerilia.

The lands of the Brecht, known often as the Havens of the Great Bay, include the cold rocky realms of the Western Reaches and the Overlook. The southern realms in the Western Basin States and Eastern Basin states are warmer, flatter, and far more welcoming and generally more cosmopolitan, although tortured Kiergard could hardly be described as such.

The Western Reaches Edit

The realms of the Western Reaches are ancient Danigau, wealthy Dauren, conquered Kiergard and adventurous Wierech.

The Overlook Edit

The realms of the Overlook are dwarven Daikhar Zhigun, the bitter cold Drachenward, the realm of the Hag, the pirate kingdom of Grabentod, the erratic frontier realm of Grevesmühl, the Vos realm of Rzhlev, Wolfgaard realm of the Wolf, the predatory Zweilunds.

The Western Basin states Edit

The Western Basin state realms are the ancient elven realm of Coullabhie, Massenmarch ruled by the deadly awnshegh known as the Swordhawk, war-stricken Rohrmarch, forested Treucht, and the grim realm of the Vampire’s Hold.

The Eastern Basin states Edit

The Eastern Basin states are wild Berhagen, the Halfling realm of the Burrows, the tiny realm of the Banshegh, mighty Müden and chaotic Rheulgard.


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