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Balance: Wizard

Born Under A Bad Sign Edit

Summary::You've been scarred by dark powers, but those old wounds pulse with black strength just beneath the skin.

Benefit: At 1st level, you learn a single least invocation from the warlock list. At 4th level, you learn a single lesser invocation. At 7th level, you learn a single greater invocation. At 10th level, you learn a single dark invocation. These invocations cannot be eldritch shape or eldritch essence invocations. You can use them as a warlock of your character level.

Drawback: You receive a -1 luck penalty to all saves, and gain 1 less hitpoint per level.

Special:If you have levels in the warlock class, you can instead choose to gain +1d6 Eldritch Blast damage whenever this feat would grant you an invocation.

Roleplaying Ideas: Characters with this trait often seem to meet streaks of bad luck, sometimes bordering on the supernatural and sinister.

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