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Balance: Rogue

Boon of Greater Constitution [Passive] Edit

+4 enhancement bonus to Constitution. {{#set:Summary=+4 enhancement bonus to Constitution. }}
He stood straight and stoic, shrugging off the pain of his wounds. {{#set:Quote=He stood straight and stoic, shrugging off the pain of his wounds. }}
Prerequisite(s): Boon of Constitution
Description: While transformed, you gain a +4 enhancement bonus to Constitution.
Special: The temporary hit points granted by this ability pool for the entire day, refreshing after 8 hours of rest. They are not refreshed every time a grim transforms, though he does regain them if they went unused from a previous transformation that day (so long as he had any left to regain).
{{#arraymap: Passive|,|x|{{#set:Type=x}}}}{{#arraymap: Boon of Constitution|,|x|{{#set:Prerequisite=x}}}}

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