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Bloodletting Blade (3.5e Feat)

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Balance: Rogue

Bloodletting Blade {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::You channel part of your life force into a strike to deal extra damage. {{#set:Prerequisite=None}}Benefit: Bloodletting Blade feat bonuses are based on your Hit Dice.

  • 1 HD: As part of a melee attack, you can lose 2 hitpoints to deal an extra 1d6 damage on the attack.
  • 5 HD: You can lose 4 hitpoints to deal an extra 2d6 damage instead.
  • 10 HD: You can lose 6 hitpoints to deal an extra 3d6 damage instead.
  • 15 HD: You can lose 8 hitpoints to deal an extra 4d6 damage instead.
  • 20 HD: You can lose 10 hitpoints to deal an extra 5d6 damage instead.

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