• Intellicraft

    Diverse Goblins of Dungeons and Dragons. Idea made by Intellicraft

    Hello, I am Intellicraft, and this is my ideas to make Goblins from DND more of a threat and have more diversity. This paper is divided into three parts, which are Removal and Add-Ons, creatures, and encounters. The removal and add-ons section is about removing features from goblins or even removing and entire goblin classification, and adding new features to them. The Creatures section is about adding new Goblin classifications. And the Encounters sections is about where you can find these goblins with or without their counterparts and gives the Goblins more of an economy with having them build patchwork villages that they live in. anyways let’s get started.

    Part one: Remova…

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  • LordRimus


    February 10, 2018 by LordRimus

    Character Statistics
    Name Lin Mao
    Type Brachina (Pleasure Devil)
    Sub-Type Medium outsider (native)
    Alignment Lawful Neutral
    Gender Female
    Character Level 30
    Hit Die 286 hp
    Caster Level 30
    Class Levels Wizard 5 / Loremaster 5 / Mastermaker 10 / Magister Magi 10
    Lore Secrets Applicable Knowledge, Secrets of inner strength
    Spells/Day 4 / 9 / 9 / 8 / 8 / 8 / 8 / 7 / 7 / 7
    Senses Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, True seeing; Listen +20, Spot +20
    Languages Common, Infernal, Abyssal, and Draconic, tongues
    Immune Fire, Poison
    Resist Acid 10, Cold 10, Spell Resistance 24
    Base Saves Fort +16, Ref +10, Will +22
    Speed 30 ft. (6 squares), fly 60 ft. (perfect)
    Base Atk Bonus +20 / +15 / +10 / +5 
    Grp Atk +30
    Abilities Str 20, Dex 28, Con 26, Int 46, Wis 22, Cha 24
    Base Skills…

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  • LordRimus


    January 22, 2018 by LordRimus

    Character Statistics
    Name Ellis
    Type ArchAngel
    Sub-Type Medium outsider (native)
    Alignment Lawful Neutral
    Gender Female
    Character Level 30
    Hit Die 304 hp
    Divine Caster Level 28
    Class Levels Cleric 5 / Ordained Champion 5 / Magister Magi 10 / Divine Oracle / Contemplative 4
    Cleric Domains War, Time, Fate, Destruction, Healing
    Spells/Day 6 / 9+1 / 9+1 / 8+1 / 8+1 / 8+1 / 7+1/ 6+1 / 6+1 / 6+1
    Domain Spells Prepared True Strike, Cure Moderate Wounds, Haste, Freedom of Movement, Flame Strike, Heal, Regenerate, Power Word Stun, Time Stop
    Senses Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Listen +30, Spot +40
    Languages Common, Celestial, Infernal, and Draconic, tongues
    Immune Acid, Cold, Petrification
    Resist Fire 10, Electricity 10, Poison 10
    Base Saves Fort +22, Ref +10, Wi…

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  • Matt Hadick

    Calling all dragon fans! Throughout the centuries, in lands far away and forgotten, mankind has battled dragons. Now, from Middle-earth, the Wizarding World, the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and many other realms, the great creatures have gathered to fight one another in an epic battle!

    As these dragons battle it out, YOU can decide which dragon will reign supreme in Wikia's Epic Dragon Battle! Click here to vote for the dragons you'd like to see move on to the next round, and keep checking back to discover if your chosen dragon has advanced!

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  • Dmt2509

    tieu de

    June 21, 2012 by Dmt2509

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  • Ben Overon


    November 17, 2010 by Ben Overon

    AS a DM, I haave certain rules and regulations that I require of my players. As such, I have no out-of-control PCs, though NPCs may run rampant. The house rules are as follows:

    1) THE RULING OF THE DM IS ALWAYS FINAL. 2) Alert the DM if the DM breaks a rule. The DM will review the broken rule and correct the error purely at his own purveiw. 3) Elves are evil. ALWAYS. 4) All elite characters can cast animal friendship as the spell at will, except that it is applicable to animals, beasts, and magical beasts. 5) PCs cannot talk to NPCs about ranks, levels, or alignments (unless the NPC is an outsider of an aligned plane). 6) Epic level CANNOT be achieved without the DM's permission. In this case, epic level refers to class levels, not LA or EC…

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  • Teh Storm

    I have heard on this site over and over again that D&D is just a game and that reality should not factor into game mechanics. I agree with the first part, but it is the second that pisses me off. Without an element of reality, any table top gaming system is in the dark with a bunch of confused people staring around at each other.

    Like it or not, reality is the only life experience anyone has anything to base anything else on. Take the following sample:

    As you splortch afog the egenquack, you skik a brogen wiggersnat on the floberous guggle itchilating your zatch. What do you do?

    No really, what do you do? Anyone? I will be very surprised if anyone without some form of mental disease would have any fucking idea whatsoever what to do. In the poe…

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  • Teh Storm

    Below are some recommended web links that I would definitely give a look over, as well as expansions:

    What is Texture? by Rich Burlew is a great introduction on how to get away from cut and paste jigsaw puzzle adventures. When you take on the role of a GM, the entire rest of the party will be relying on you to tell them everything about where they are and what is happening. If all you describe is a 10 foot square room with two orcs guarding a chest, your player will almost invariably picture their own cut and paste, bland, featureless vision of what the scene looks like. Thus, give detail. Tell them about the stink of orc filth and mildew as they approach the room. Let them feel the cold brass of the door covered in orcish warnings to keep …

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  • TK-Squared

    I like D&D

    October 6, 2010 by TK-Squared

    You know what? I like D&D. Because it's not reality.

    Reality is god damn boring (in comparison, ofc).


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  • Teh Storm

    There are a variety of systems out there for role players that display a wide range of systems from the heavily detailed to the over simplified. Here is what I see as the pros and cons of D&D, if not D20 in general:

    D&D operates on a skill level system that determines a maximum limit on a characters traits and a way to divide up special abilities to certain skill rankings. This makes character power increase suddenly and across the board, making more skilled characters stronger, more skilled, better in their capabilities, and more survivable than their lesser counterparts. This is a fun system for fantasy play and often has me thinking of the various Final Fantasies. But it can and does result in some retardedness that makes me queazy somet…

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  • Teh Storm

    Negotiation and diplomacy: only the most munchkiny, hack festival, break down the door, hardcore mercenaries of war groups have never had a use for it. And yet I think making it a skill and a die roll is a mistake, if not only for the following reasons:

    First, the actual skill is flawed in it's write-up. Taking a look at the rolls and DCs, I can see a 10th level bard that never needs to enter combat simply by announcing he is using diplomacy and converting everyone he meets into friendly groupies waiting on his every word. There is no scaling DC, no contested roll of any sort, no will save, and yet it duplicates the effects of some of the games most useful spells. While this is not bad in and of itself, it becomes bad when one reaches the "…

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  • Teh Storm

    I've said it once, and I'll say it one more time: if a strategy involves dice, it is not strategy. Here's why:

    Rolling dice is random. Always. This introduces an element of chaos. People have tried to explain to me that chaos is bad for strategy and planning. I have never argued against this, and agree with it completely. No, the problem is when in the same breath they start mentioning how they flank to get die bonuses and blah blah blah. I honestly think that they had contracted amnesia at this point. Once you are in game die rolling, be it combat or shopping, you have sworn away any rights to choice in the outcome, throwing caution to the wind and letting fate and chance decide for you. This is really shitty strategy. Gaining bonuses only…

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  • Artemiscat55

    Anyone here play Neverwinter Nights?


    Yeah, I know it's a super old game, but I need help. You see, I'm aiming to become a top-rank module creator using this thing. Problem? Well, as many of you may have seen, I'm no good with computers and technology! So I need help. If any of you have custom downloads or modules I can play with, they're quite welcome, along with any help--particularly on scripting! I also make multiple campaigns and maps, and I'm curretnly working on an end-all module, called Maploak's Hubland. Anyone can put their custom ideas, dungeons, monsters, and whatnot into this. I gladly accept al support and help from you, my betters, and hope that someday I'm worth something. Thank you!


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  • Leziad

    Recruiting for a Chat/IRC Game

    September 13, 2010 by Leziad

    Exactly what it say on the tin, I be DMing a IRC/chat game 3.5e game (I could be convinced to play another system).

    Probably have a lot of homebrew stuff in, I am a very open DM. I will however maintain a character standard, in order to maintain coherence between the party and the spirit of the setting/game.

    I make the houserules based on which player I get, trusted players have a sure post. N00bs are welcomed too, I will just ask you a few questions before beginning.

    I have a possible settings in mind: Tunnel-Dweller/Underdark campaign, actually pretty different from FR underdark.

    More informations about this setting is coming, it pretty unique in it outlook despite the failure of a description I posted above.

    Don't get ahead of yourself, avoi…

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  • Gd1w


    August 12, 2010 by Gd1w


    Summary::Alloids are humanoid creatures made of living metal.

    Alloids can vary widely in personality as a human might.

    In natural form an alloid looks like a human of average weight for being 6 feet tall except entirely metallic. Although made up of metal, alloids are not magnetic and are poor conductors of electricity (similar to rubber in this regard). Alloids bodies have a smooth texture like regular skin but are not very malleable.

    Alloids are relatively unknown by other races and are usually interpreted to be the race that they appear as.

    Alloids can be of any alignment.

    Alloids have no preference for a specific type of environment.

    Alloids can be of any religion.

    Alloids almost …

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  • Dukelzan

    Copywrite Dodge

    August 4, 2010 by Dukelzan

    I'd just like to say that I give full and all credit to ANY copywritten matriel I use. For example, the pic I'm using I just from the D&D main site, I don't know who did it, but I give them credit for it.

    "The difference between bravery and stupidity is if the plan works" - Newrok Shadowblade, Saint of Creation in Shadowgate 14:50, August 4, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Dukelzan

    I just did an article it's done for all intensive proposes, but when I go to the aria where the article should be, it's not there. I checked all the other places that would make sense, but I can't find it in those areas either. If you can help, please do.

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  • Risek


    July 20, 2010 by Risek
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  • ThunderGod Cid

    1. Sandboxes are your best friend: This site's adherence to quality control means that we don't let incomplete pages hang around for long. As such, any page with multiple incomplete sections will likely be labelled with the "Incomplete" template. But since no one prefers deletion, it will likely be much more common for your article to be moved to a Sandbox (which is a subpage of your userpage accessible by creating a page called "User:YourUserName/PageTitle") than it is for it to be deleted. This is very handy because whatever work you have already completed remains and you may edit your Sandboxes in just about whatever way you please, allowing you to tinker with Wiki-coding and formatting until you get the desired effect. This site also d…

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  • Leziad

    36 Points build

    CR 20: We use CR instead of ECL, so you play as a CR 6 creature. Determining the CR of your character is simple, (Base CR + 1 per Character). Human and other core race (or race without LA normally) get a CR of 0. If you take a monster, determine the stat bonus using 10-11 and add +1 to the Cr of the monster you will play ( so a Succubus is CR 8). Why +1? Because you don't use 10-11 :P so you are stronger. If you want to play a monster you need my approval, I can disallow any particular monsters I see fit.

    Gold: We're using Book of Gears

    Ability scores, Leveling, and Feats: Feats are at each oddlevel.

    Background Feat: Yes

    Flaws: Yes, only one.

    Traits: Yes

    • Mithril is useful on weapons! Mithril weapons now are reduced one category in…
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  • Risek


    June 23, 2010 by Risek
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  • Techpriest88

    In 4e, ability scores can improve somewhat rapidly by means of natural advancement. As always, the player has some choices to make, because - while all scores improve eventually - only the top two will do so very quickly. It can be expected that primary and secondary abilities will be increased at the rate of 3 points per tier (at every opportunity), whereas others will only increase 1 point (at 11th and 21st). This will lead to a gradually growing gap between a player's strengths and weaknesses.

    Ability scores contribute to the following:

    1. Attack rolls,
    2. Damage rolls,
    3. AC,
    4. Defenses,
    5. Skill and ability checks,

    Any given character will have access to attacks dependent upon only one or two abilities (assuming they don't go out of their way to mess that…

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  • Kanderas

    So yes I am taking on the ambitious project of making an adaptation of the Elder Scrolls world/games to D&D 3.5. Adding to the difficulty is that I have no knowledge of html so I'm currently proceeding by copying a layout that I like and then editing the text. I might note that it'll not be a standard adaptation; I'll not just be giving third edition statistics to the races and tossing in a few related feats. I want it to actually feel like playing the game on a tabletop, so I want to preserve as much of the mechanics of the computer games as possible... at least on the surface. If it all goes well, no or only small adjustments will need to made to any 3.5 material someone wants to use; after all, I -am- putting this on a D&D site.

    A big th…

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  • Stryker-Fyre

    Okay this title may be a bit misleading, though it is meant to show the things that have been circling in the maelstrom of my mind.

    First is Inactivity, I have been inactive on this wiki besides blog comments and talk pages for a while now, so I thought I should maybe explain why. Plain and simple I haven't had the drive for making anything for a while and have thought of many ideas that have never come to fruition such as another race of the Giths that have turned to the Plane of Shadow to be known as the Githildar, I have also made a new Combat Scout class which I have been meaning to test in a campaign but have had no opportunites but I have never gotten around to it, the second and third reasons are pretty much the same thing:work and s…

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  • Tarkisflux

    It's the third of my ongoing series of RNG rants (see rant one or rant two if you're interested), and I still can’t find a concise way to talk about expected bonus values. I'm starting to wonder if I ever will be able to do it in a blog. So in the meantime I’m going to rant about the system differences between single and multiple RNGs, which is really me just using short hand to talk about the deep effects of whether your system allows multiple growth tracks or not. Allowing multiple growth tracks means that you can have a potentially difficult DC for one group be a potentially easy DC for another group when the groups are the same level before counting situational adjustments, though this is generally more obvious at higher levels where t…

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  • Jay Freedman

    So I recently decided to undertake the task of creating a Wizard Tier Melee Fighter. I know, I know, I'm not really the best person for the job but bear with me. If there's a will, there's a way. Right?

    Anywho's, I really love playing melee fighters when I DnD. Its just my style to run up to somebody and beat them over the head with a really big sword. (Yeah, I played too much FF7 as a kid. I know.) Killing things the old fashioned way is just classic in my book. Debilitating status effects are for pussies, just beat them with a stick until they die.

    So I hope to get the Andellion Warrior class up and polished soon. It is still a bit rusty at the moment, but given time and elbow-grease, it will get their. Any spastic comments wil…

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  • Stryker-Fyre

    My User Icon

    March 11, 2010 by Stryker-Fyre

    THIS IS NOW ENTIRELY IRRELEVANT:My user icon has changed multiple times throughout the past few days, and I would like to choose one that will stay as my constant icon, however I can't decide.

    The way I see it there are two solutions

    1.: People randomly post links on this blog and then I choose one I like P.S i like fyre.

    2.: People say which of my previous icons they liked the most and then i decide through that data/reference.

    Please help and remember: Watchout for Sleepophiles, there everywhere, even in your house!

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  • Leziad

    Multi-User Setting

    March 7, 2010 by Leziad

    So I post a second blog about this, the mian idea is simple. A multi-user setting using home brew races, each user using homebrew material to make a single nation within a war-torn continent. Each user will also make a deity, a plane and some other things. The most user we have the better it is.

    If you have more question just meet me on the wiki chat or just put it right there, it will be answered.

    Now posting some very basic rules.

    • 1. Try to use only original homebrew content, avoid copyrighted stuff from video game/movie. This will be harshly enforced for races.

    DOING IT WRONG: The land of Spira is inhabited by Na'vi and....

    • 2. Places on the continent will be assigned depending on the climate of you're country, discussing wit neighbours nation…

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  • Jay Freedman

    Biotic Vanguard

    March 5, 2010 by Jay Freedman

    Mass Effect 2 is an awesome game. My joyous fandom has spread to this site as well. The Biotic Vanguard class is just my doodles on one way Mass Effect would translate to D&D.

    I've been getting alot of feedback from a friend on GD's wiki and thought to transcribe the comments to this articles talk page too. I know how much these guys like reading and covering all the angles, so I thought it would be a good idea. I feel like a politician, having to write paragraph after paragraph just to justify my opinion. Lol.

    But as the King of Egypt once said: "So let it be written. So let it be done."

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  • Risek


    March 5, 2010 by Risek
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  • Risek


    March 4, 2010 by Risek
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  • TK-Squared

    Regarding a Campaign

    March 3, 2010 by TK-Squared

    Sup gaiz, I'm just here, making this here blog post.

    While I have one rather slow game, I am interested in opening a second game that is not primarily 'roleplaying' based, but pretty much combat-based. The purpose of which is to allow people to 'test' characters, builds, races, classes or whatever they like in a challenging environment. As my players will be sure to inform you, I am do rather enjoy very challenging combat in that sense. If you are interested in the idea, be sure to reply to this comment with any questions or anything that needs to be clarified.

    So, without further ado..

    Four people awaken within a strange and unfamiliar small room; four of it's five walls houses a single bed extruding from the stone. The beds are not at all c…

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  • TK-Squared

    Sup gaiz, requesting input on anything I put here. This includes any kind of potential abuse you see of the ability and a way of rectifying it.

    Will be a continuation of the Martial Paladin. The class will be, more than likely, SEVEN levels long, aiming for a final level of 17.

    Resolute (Ex): You gain the effects of the Last to Fall feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites.

    Vengeful Infusion (Ex): Whenever an ally is killed or knocked out during combat by an enemy, you gain temporary hit points equal to the fallen ally's hit die and a +2 bonus to strength. You cannot gain this bonus twice from the same ally per encounter. This effect is not triggered by any ally gained through any class features or feats.

    moar 2 come, plox comment on cur…

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  • Surgo

    This is an evolving document, especially as we all figure out the system more.

    • You get "Powerful"-level Heroic points, as well as a gob of cash (still figuring out how much) to spend on equipment (which is just Powers, in the form of cybernetics/bio-enhancements/gene therapy/whatever). I'm still figuring out equipment pricing and all that.
    • Max SPD you can buy with character points alone is 4 (that's the upper limit, not the amount you can buy).
    • There is no Energy Defense; it is folded into Physical Defense. It's just too niche for this sort of game.
    • Base skill roll is 8 + (CHAR/4), not 9 + (CHAR/5)
    • Everyman skills:
      • Cryptography
      • Deduction
      • Interrogation
      • Mechanics
      • Stealth
      • Any one Professional or Science skill.

    Heavily influenced by Maishin and similar sh…

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  • Jay Freedman

    So I gave in and bought a 4e manual. And guess what? I liked it enough to give up on 3.5e.

    • Starting Hit Points: Hit Dice + your Constitution Score at 1st level. Probably my favorite change in the whole world. Do the math in Hp gain in 3.5e and you will realize it is a decreasing return on investment. You are actually gaining a smaller percentage of your total Hp every time you level. How whack is dat?
    • Daily, Encounter, At-Will: Awesome. Now my Fighter feels similar to the Wizard in terms of sweet tricks and prowess.
    • Healing Surges: 4 fights a day which consume about 25% of my total resources every fight, and now a way to heal 25% of my total hit points too? Looks like I might not need that Bedroll after all.
    • 3 Tiers of Play: Perfect. It…

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  • Tarkisflux

    Breaking the RNG II

    February 26, 2010 by Tarkisflux

    In my last RNG rant, I talked about what it meant and how easy it was to do it and how hard it was to actually recognize it ahead of time because you have to determine what a level appropriate bonus even is in your game at your level. I was going to spend this one trying to explain how you determine what that bonus is at various levels and playstyles, but that turns out to be a seriously hard thing to write in a concise or even sensical way because the 3.x system is so broad at this point. And then a conversation over at TGD about the RNG suggested something else I could rant about, namely "when does leaving the RNG even matter?".

    Yes, that's right, there are times that you can break the RNG and it doesn't even matter. There are times when …

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  • Jay Freedman

    Hi, my name is Jay. Lord Jay the Great if you so feel inclined. I came here a few months ago when I heard Surgo was creating a new wiki for the sane people of the world. I really enjoy interacting with the people here and getting their feedback. When it comes to D&D, these folks really sacrifice to get it right. And, I believe that is something to be proud of.

    There was a conflict at a previous Wiki involving many of the founding members of this site. I pretty much watched the whole thing go down too. It was not fun or entertaining in the least. But, it did lead me to understand the site owner just a little bit better.

    EDIT: I'm getting rid of this information. Turns out I actually know the guy, and he ain't a Samurai. He ain't ev…

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  • Leziad

    Chat Game

    February 19, 2010 by Leziad

    Planning to a chat game on the wiki IRC, so far I am planning a high fighter-level/low rogue-level post apocalyptic. I probably update this blog, anyway just post you're application here. No character concept is needed yet.

    Okay latest details:

    I played with idea, we are going to play mid-rogue to low-wizard, depending on the level of the game the concept will change slightly.

    • Mid-Rogue: Common hardened wastelanders, not much to tell about that.
    • High-Rogue: Badass Wastelander, a dude afraid of nothing with balls of titanium-plated iron. I only allow partial spellcasting.
    • Low-Wizard: The descendant of a super-soldier program, stronger, faster and tougher than even the most badass wastelander. For this one I allow full spellcasting to a limit.

    Some …

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  • Tarkisflux

    Breaking the RNG

    January 2, 2010 by Tarkisflux

    It actively frustrates me when I read about something new breaking the RNG or going off of it. Almost never does the person actually refer to the new ways that they break it or why it matters or in what context, instead they only just refer to some nebulous bad that breaking the RNG is supposed to represent. Like it’s a holy artifact to be cared for or looked upon warmly or some crap instead of the fidly, poorly maintained and cared for piece of DnD that it is. So I’m gonna rant about it for a while, and start getting at what it actually means to be off the RNG in a scaling system.

    Most of the regulars are familiar with the ideas behind the RNG, and how it’s pretty much broke in 3.x DnD. I imagine that some of our new users haven't heard of i…

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  • Dersius


    December 10, 2009 by Dersius

    I'd like to apologize to folks for not being as active on the wikia as I should be, but I've simply had life getting in the way for a large chunk of my time. Between my grandfather in the hospital, college, and my new job, I've just been busy busy busy. Anyhow, now that this personal junk is done, I'd like to talk to people about the stuff I make. Does anyone have any good ideas as to something I should stat up or suggestions on how to improve what I have already to make it more/less useful?

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  • ThunderGod Cid

    On Balance Points

    December 10, 2009 by ThunderGod Cid

    A lot of words have been exchanged as of late concerning the perceived value of each particular Balance Point. Having heard from both sides of the issue (through observation if not direct conversation), my conclusion amounts to the following, which I have already related to some in several chat discussions. This just has a little more permanency. The crux of the argument as I’ve seen it is whether or not the Rogue Balance Point should be held up to the standard of being the ideal BP (for which Ghostwheel is the primary advocate). Many of the other respected users on the site (led by Surgo) have argued against this stance in favor of the idea that no BP be put onto a pedestal above the rest and that they all have their own merits. While I …

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  • Ghostwheel

    Something that a GM needs to remember when designing foes for the players - especially foes created using the same rules the players use (humanoid enemies with class levels), is the difference in role between a PC and an enemy.

    A PC sticks around. He faces, (in theory) on average, four encounters a day, every day. Generally, the player who makes him is planning on playing him for the duration of the campaign. The PC is created with the intent to live.

    An enemy doesn't last all that long. One direct encounter and he's gone. Caput. So long, sirs, and thanks for all the fish. An enemy is created with the intent to die. He's supposed to challenge the PCs, push them hard, but in the end, if all goes according to plan, he should be laying down and…

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  • Ghostwheel

    On the Failure of Fumbles

    November 29, 2009 by Ghostwheel

    Fumbles. They've never been anything more than an optional rule. While there have been, on occasion in different versions of the game, printed rules for fumbles, these have never been part of the core rules. Yet it seems most groups use them. That's not a bad thing.

    However, I have come to the realization that most GMs use fumbles without considering the full implications of the set of rules they are using. So I'm going to lay out the implications of fumble rules.

    1. Fumble rules always hurt PCs more than they hurt monsters. This is because a PC makes thousands of attack rolls over the course of a campaign, whereas a monster that lasts 10 rounds and full attacks each time with 3 attacks (total of 30 attacks in his lifetime) is considered an …

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  • Jota II

    Over the course of the past week, a number of discussions have forced me to take stock of a some things, and have led me to draw a number of conclusions. While it should be understood that these are my thoughts and thus something that should be taken as opinion, I hope to offer a balanced perspective on a number of other takes for playing D&D in the 3.5e incarnate, which certainly are factual in their existence.

    First and foremost, assumptions must be made. The most pertinent of these is acknowledging the fact the 3.5e is a game in which inequality exists. This is one of the key assumptions of this wiki and driving premise behind our usage of balance points. If you happen to disagree with that assertion, you can disregard what is written fr…

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  • Idkwhatmynameis

    Rating Classes

    November 2, 2009 by Idkwhatmynameis

    Well this is something my mind cooked up and it's just an idea but here is an idea on how to rate classes on a scale of 1 to 100 with 0 to 25 being Monk level, 25 to 50 being Fighter level, 50 to 75 being roudge level, and lastly 75 to 100 being wizard level: All the following are out of ten points:

    Base Attack Bonus:

    2 points: 1/2 HD

    5 points: 3/4 HD

    8 points: 3/4 HD Tome, or Full HD

    10 points: Full HD Tome

    Bonus feats (or similiar):

    5: None

    7: Every 4 or 5 levels

    9: Every other level


    0: No spellcasting

    3: Some Spell-like abilities

    5: As ranger

    7: As Bard

    10: Full, as wizard


    3: One good save

    7: Two good saves

    10: Three good saves

    Skill points per level:

    4: 2 Skill points

    6: 4 Skill points

    8: 6 Skill points

    10: 8 Skill points


    3: d4

    5: d6

    7: d…

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  • Sam Kay

    I recently had to build a character for a D&D 4th Edition game. This time, however, we will have new players in the group. Accordingly, to make everything easier for the new players, I was to build a character without homebrew material. No problem.

    Or it shouldn' be.

    Except that it is me were talking about. The crazy lunatic spider guy who refuses to play a rogue (or whatever) in the standard flavour. Vanilla rogues. How boring (for me), even after I've spiced things up by making my rogue a drow. So, what to do?

    Well, for a start, the drow have always been my favourite race to play—especially since they have a strong connection to spiders! So, I started with a drow. Thankfully, all of the party roles were already filled, so I could play any r…

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  • Havvy

    Vision (Part 1)

    October 23, 2009 by Havvy

    There are various type of vision. They are as follows:

    • Vision
    • Dark Vision
    • Low-Light Vision
    • Tremorsense
    • Blindsense
    • Mindsight (via a feat in "Lords of Madness")

    This post will talk about vision, dark vision, and low-light vision. To understand it, understanding of what photons are, and how they are made is necessary, as normal vision is based entirely on them, and dark vision is based on 'unphotons'.

    An Unphoton is a photon that has the possibility of existing. They function much like normal photons, except that when they pass through a normal photon, they have a chance to blink out. The chance of blinking out is equal to the percentage of the light's intensity. For instance, dusk would have a 50% chance, making it possible for those with norma…

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  • Aarnott

    Anyone who has talked to me recently has probably learned pretty quickly that I am all for Ghostwheel's Toxinblade class and the mechanics that go with it. This post is primarily meant for my own use so that I can document what I like about this concept and what elements of design most successfully use it.

    Why it works

    In D&D, good class design has progressed towards the 4th edition idea of having abilities that are at-will, once per encounter, or once per day. Each ability can be weighted against its usages. One thing I like about a points pool system is that the line between at-will and once per encounter can be greatly blurred to create a more flexible ability set. An ability can be weighted at a high number of points per usage, which eff…

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  • TK-Squared

    The Balance Point System

    September 28, 2009 by TK-Squared

    Contrary to what some people may say, or infer through various actions that are with only merit to degrade, the "Balance Points" system is not a bad system. Infact, it is designed so that all people can, and will, create classes that all have varying levels of "power" (and/or balance) depending on their own personal view of balance. All the system does is assign a title to each and every 'level' of balance based upon a premade class from the Player's Handbook/

    It's easy to prove that the Monk is a weak class. It's easy to prove that the Wizard is an extremely powerful class. The two other points that lay between these two boundaries (Fighter and Rogue) are, also, easy to prove if you demonstrate against various creatures in combat. This poi…

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  • TK-Squared

    We are all aware that the wizard is the be all end all of everything ever with his variety of spells available to him, his ultimate arcane power capable of locking down an entire battle within the matter of seconds. That upmost super power at the fingertips, ready to crush everyone to their deaths with awesome combinations of magic spells. If you're not aware of this, you've been missing out on the power of Wizards (LogicNinja's Guide to being Batman, TreantMonk's Guide to being God) or just full casters in general (Druid's Handbook, Cleric's Handbook).

    So, with this access to the internet; anyone and everyone can optimize (except those roleplays, of course; we all know you can't be powerful if you're roleplaying (roleplaying is all about a…

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