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{{#set:Summary=You hurl a bolt of powerful cold lightning. }}

Blizzard Bolt
{{#arraymap: Evocation|, |x|{{#set:School=x}}x}} [{{#arraymap: Cold, Electricity|, |x|Descriptor::x}}]
Spellcraft DC: Spellcraft DC::81
Casting time: 1 full action
Range: 300 ft.
Area: All within a 5 ft. wide bolt
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex half
Spell Resistance: Yes
To Develop: 729,000 gp; 15 days; 29,160 XP; Seed: energy (cold bolt) (DC 19); Factors: deals 20d6 additional damage (+40 DC), damage is half cold, half electricity (+2 DC), full-round action casting time (+20 DC).

You hurl a bolt of powerful cold lightning, doing 15d6 cold and 15d6 electricity damage along a 5 ft. thick line.

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