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Date Created: July 17, 2010
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Assistant Edit

Summary::You're better at helping someone else out in some way, such as when lifting something heavy or recalling a piece of knowledge, than doing it yourself.

Benefit: Choose three or more ability scores. Whenever aiding another on ability checks or skill checks tied to these abilities, you provide a +3 bonus rather than a +2. If multiple people are helping out, your provided bonus drops back to +2.

Drawback: You're not as great when having to do things for yourself: whenever rolling an ability check or skill check tied to these abilities, you suffer a -1 penalty.

Special: This trait can only be taken for and applied to an ability with a score of 8 or more.

Roleplaying Ideas: This trait is typical of people who want to be dependable but dislike putting themselves on the spot. Unlikely to be the go-to people, assistants usually prefer to play supporting roles.

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