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Balance: Wizard

Aspect of the Titan Beetle [{{#arraymap: Hivemaster|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::The titan beetle is the largest insect in the world; with your power, you have attained its destructive size and strength for yourself. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Aspect of the Vermin class feature|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You gain benefits based on your hivemaster level:

3: You gain the Powerful Build special quality, increasing the damage of all wielded weapons (but not natural weapons) by one size category and increasing your effective size for special attacks when doing so is advantageous to you.

7: You gain all the benefits and drawbacks of being one size larger than normal except you do not get any ability boosts, positive or negative. If you wish to do so, however, you may cause your exoskeleton to molt (a full-round action), reducing your size back to normal. A full-round action is also necessary to grow larger again.

11: The supreme might of the titan beetle is yours to command. All your natural weapons that normally add your Strength modifier to damage now add 1 ½ times your Strength modifier, and any that normally add 1 ½ times your Strength modifier now add twice your Strength modifier.

15: You are now two sizes larger than normal, with all associated bonuses and benefits except for changes to ability scores.

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