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Ariel (3.5e Deity)

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Summary::One of the four Elemental Gods who were said to be powerful elementals promoted to divine rank, Ariel is said to be a whale with wings as wide as a mountain, and whose voice shakes the heavens and creates hurricanes. Carefree, it wanders the endless expanse of its home plane, cloaked in a sheathe of clouds. When angered, massive storms brew around him in expression of his fury.

Ariel is a god of the Nibiru Pantheon.


The Elemental Gods in general speak little of dogma, beyond expounding on the natures of their elements. Wind is an ever-present, shifting force whose only constant is change. From the calm cool breeze to the raging windstorm, the skies can only assure you that tomorrow will be a new day.

Clergy and Temples

Elementals and the occasional druid worship the God of Wind. His temples are built with many open spaces, no doors, and often little more than a vague structure, lacking even a roof. What material is there forms wind tunnels which produce eerie whistles as the wind goes through them.

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