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Arachne Edit

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A golden spider on a golden web.
Home Plane: The Demiplane of the Twilight Web
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Chaotic good Drow, Spider Riders and Monstrous Spiders.
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Good
Domains: Chaos, Good, Trickery, Spider
Favored Weapon: Longsword
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Summary::Arachne is Lolth's sister, whom she betrayed at the beginning of time. Cast out, she took refuge in a demi-plane known as the Twilight Garden. She claims herself to be the "true spider queen", although there is much debate as to whether or not the title is hers to claim. She wishes to liberate the drow from Lolth's clutches.

Dogma Edit

Arachne, like Lolth, teaches her followers to respect spiders, although she is less harsh in the punishment of those who wrong them. She teaches her followers to hate Lolth, rather than fear her, and to work towards her destruction in any way they can.

Clergy and Temples Edit

Arachne does not encourage much worship, and has few temples. Those who worship Arachne do so in secret, to avoid the attention of the many drow who follow Lolth. These worshipers rely on good aligned Spider Riders (the knights of Arachne) to lead them. Some of Arachne's followers are elves who, like Arachne, hate Lolth for all of the wrongs done to them.

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