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Arachnaphobic Edit

Summary::Spiders are creepy little things, and you're deathly afraid of them.

Prerequisite: None

Effect: When encountering a spider, scorpion, or any other arachnid, an arachnaphobic character must make a will save equal to 10+ the monster's HD or suffer the following effects. As this is a cause of duress for the character, they may not take 10 on this check. Other arachnid like creatures such as phase spider and negoi cause an arachnaphobic character to suffer the same effects as a normal spider.

  • Failure by more than 10 causes the character to cower in fear each round until they make a successful save.
  • Failure by less than 10 but more than 5 causes the character to be panicked until they make a successful save.
  • Failure by less than 5 causes the character to become shaken until they make a successful save.

  • A character that makes a successful save does not need to make another save for that spider.
  • A character that has recently ingested a vial of antivenom gains a +2 circumstance bonus to this save.

Benefit: Bonus Feat.

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