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Date Created: 3-23-10
Status: Complete
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{{#set:Summary=Kamehameha!!!! }} {{#set:Discipline=Anima River|Type=Strike}}

Anima Explosion
Anima River (Strike) [{{#arraymap: Force|, |x|Descriptor::x}}]
Level: Level::9
Prerequisite: Four Anima River maneuvers
Initiation Action: Standard
Range: 60 ft. cone or 120 ft. line
Area: Cone or Line (see text)
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex half

And with a single blinding flash of light, the entire army disintergrated into ash. After that day, they stopped sending soldiers after him.

A skilled Anima River adept can gather their spiritual energy into a massive barely controled explosion of psychokinetic energy. When you initiate this maneuver you may choose to release the energy in either a 60 ft. cone or a 120 ft. line shape, dealing 1d6 points of force energy per initiator level, with a Reflex save (19 + Wis modifier) for half. The blast is more than most men can handle, and as a result they take 1/4 of the damage dealt as nonlethal damage to themselves. But look at all the cool stuff that just exploded!

This maneuver is a supernatural ability.

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