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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A pair of praying hands tied by a ribbon
Home Plane: The Summer Plains
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Healing, Compassion, Mercy
Clergy Alignments: Any Good, Any Neutral
Domains: Good, Healing, Sun
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Summary::Amberra is the Goddess of healing, compassion, and mercy. Her priests bring comfort to even the most downtrodden of people

Amberra appears as a young women with eyes that show the compassion of a thousand lifetimes spent helping the wounded and sick. She wears simple robes and carries a pack slung over her shoulder and a simple walking stick. In her presence you feel a sense of ideal serenity and knowledge that any wound can be overcome if it is given proper care and tenderness.

Dogma Edit

Help those who need healing whether it be of body, mind or spirit. Turn not even the most evil away for there is always a chance that their hearts will open to the way of compassion. Seek always to practice mercy even under the most trying of circumstances for you never know when you will need the very same.

Do your utmost to avoid violence, for violence is the beginning of harm and injury. However, sometimes the most merciful act you can commit is to hasten another creatures death.

Clergy and Temples Edit

Amberra's clergy dress simply and wander the world seeking to aid the injured and the sick. While they will often give their services for free to the poor, those that can afford to pay are often requested too. Amberra's clergy forms a loosly organized church with several independent chapters throughout the lands.

Amberra has very few churches and often requests her priests to instead build infirmaries and hospitals to care for those in need. These buildings often have small shrines dedicated to the goddess but she prefers works done her name to prayers sent to her ears.

Pantheon Edit

Amberra is a goddess full of compassion whom seeks always to treat others with respect and mercy. However the gods dedicated to destruction and death anger her greatly and she seldom speaks with them and refuses any kind of alliance. She has a strong alliance with B'Garra and is the lover of the trickster god Ropheus whose clergy often work closely with hers.

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