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Adventure DragonEdit

Summary::A playable dragon race without all that pesky LA and stuff that makes it unusable. Adventure Dragons, unlike other dragons, grow more quickly when exposed to experience.


Apart from a desire for riches and a literal thirst for adventure, Adventure Dragons are a varied bunch.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Adventure Dragons look like dragons, with large, vaguely crescent-shaped stripes along their backs. Their base scale color and the color of the stripes are both indicative of their properties. Good dragons are shiny, Evil dragons aren't, and Neutral dragons are only shiny on either their stripes or other scales, but not both.


Adventure Dragons tend to wander off alone, gathering allies from other races in their quest for adventure.


Adventure Dragons come in any alignment, as can be evidenced by the chromatic or metallic nature of their scales.


Wherever one can find meat, treasure, and enemies, the Adventure Dragons dare to go.


Adventure Dragons usually worship Draconic deities.


Adventure Dragons speak Common and Draconic.


Adventure Dragons have suitably draconic names, frequently possessing an x or "aug".

Racial TraitsEdit

  • Racial Ability Adjustments::NoneNo ability adjustments: Apart from the massive boosts to Strength and minor boosts to Constitution, Wisdom, Charisma, and Intelligence that Adventure Dragons get as they grow, they have no ability score adjustments.
  • Type::Dragon: Adventure Dragons are Dragons.
  • Size::Small: Adventure Dragons start out small, with a +1 size bonus to attack and AC, a +4 bonus to Hide checks, and a -4 penalty to Grappling stuff.
  • Adventure Dragon base land speed is 20 feet: They can't fly yet.
  • Hungry (Ex): Adventure Dragons need to eat three times as much as a normal creature of their size. Effects that reduce how much they have to eat can't reduce their need for food below that of a normal creature of their size.
  • Natural Growth (Ex): Adventure Dragons gain 1 point of experience per day if properly fed. Any time they level up, if more than half of their experience points for this level were from Natural Growth, they must level up in Adventure Dragon.
  • Draconic: An Adventure Dragon can never have fewer than half of his levels rounded up in Adventure Dragon.
  • Color: A pair of colors, chosen at character creation, determines additional abilities of the Adventure Dragon.
Table: Adventure Dragon base color
Color Breath Weapon (Su) (recharges every 1d4+1 rounds)
Orange/Dark Gold Fire 1d8 damage/HD in a cone 15'+5'/2 HD long
Light Grey/Platinum Electricity 1d8 damage/HD in a line 30'+5'/HD long
Brown/Tarnished Copper Acid 1d6 damage/HD in a line 30'+5'/HD long
Faded Yellow/Niobium Electricity 1d8 damage/HD in a line 30'+5'/HD long
Dark Gray/Barium Untyped 1d6 damage/HD in a cone 15'+5'/2 HD long
Light Blue/Osmium Bludgeoning 1d6 damage/HD in a line 30'+5'/HD long
Rusty Red/Iron 1d8 damage/HD against objects, ignoring hardness in a cone 15'+5'/2 HD long
Teal/Fool's Gold 1d4 Wisdom damage +1/5 HD, Fortitude save negates instead of Reflex save for half in a cone 15'+5'/2 HD long
Pink/Rose Gold 1d10 nonlethal damage/HD in a line 30'+10'/2 HD long
  1. Breath weapons take 1d4 rounds to recharge, and have a Reflex save DC of 10 + half Hit Dice + Constitution modifier for half damage and no other effect.
Table: Adventure Dragon stripe color
Color Special Ability
Orange/Dark Gold SRD:Alternate Form into a Medium or Small Humanoid with equal or less Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution a number of times per day equal to Charisma modifier.
Light Grey/Platinum Eat platinum pieces to regain health. Takes 1 minute, and heals 5 HP per platinum piece.
Brown/Tarnished Copper Retain DEX bonus to AC while climbing, +20 to Climb checks.
Faded Yellow/Niobium Immune to Electricity. +2 to Tumble, Escape Artist, and Balance checks.
Dark Gray/Barium Don't need to breathe, immune to gas-borne effects. +2 to Hide and Move Silently checks.
Light Blue/Osmium Gain Damage Reduction 1/- per five Hit Dice, minimum 1.
Rusty Red/Iron Gain Spell Resistance equal to 5 + Hit Dice.
Teal/Fool's Gold +8 to Bluff and Disguise checks, appear to change colors and alignments at-will as a standard action.
Pink/Rose Gold Immune to Fire, and to negative effects of high temperatures. +2 to Diplomacy checks.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Table: Adventure Dragon Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
1d8 × 1d8 years +1d4 +1d6 +1d8
Table: Adventure Dragon Aging Effects
Maximum Age
200+3d100 years
Table: Adventure Dragon Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 2' 3" +2d10 110 lb. × (1d4) lb.
Female 2' 3" +2d10 110 lb. × (1d4) lb.

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