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Advanced Grapple {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::Learn to use new moves when grappling. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Dexterity 13, Intelligence 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Improved Trip|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You may perform the following actions while grappling: choke, lock, and throw. All of these actions take the place of an attack (rather than being a standard action or a move action). If your base attack bonus allows you multiple attacks, you can attempt one of these actions in place of each of your attacks, but at successively lower base attack bonuses.
Choke: Performing a choke imposes a -4 penalty to your Grapple check. You grab your opponent in such a way as to restrain the flow of blood within the body. (You do not necessarily have to strangle your opponent’s throat.) If you win the grapple check, you damage your opponent and force your enemy to make a Fortitude save against DC 10 + one-half of your base attack bonus + your Strength modifier. If he fails the save, he is stunned for one round and dazed for 1d4 rounds after that. You must inflict at least 1 HP damage to stun and daze your opponent. Opponents with no Constitution score are immune to chokes, as are enemies whose anatomy does not rely on blood-flow.
Lock: A lock is a superior form of pin. To initiate a lock, you make an opposed grapple check with a -4 penalty to your roll. If you win the check, your opponent is locked (see combat rules), and you hold him immobile for one round. You have the same actions available to you as if you were grappling, not pinning.
Throw: You can throw an opponent prone while grappling. Make an opposed grapple check with a -4 penalty to your roll. If you win the grapple check, your opponent falls prone and suffers damage, as normal for your unarmed strike (even if using a weapon to grapple). For every five points you beat your opponent’s roll, you can choose to throw him 5-feet away from you. If you do choose to throw your opponent away from you, you automatically end the grapple. Otherwise, you can choose to end or maintain your grapple when you throw your enemy.

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