This series consists of 18 gamebooks published from 1985 to 1988 by TSR. The series was initially named Super Endless Quest Adventure Gamebook since the books added a more complex game system to stories which otherwise share the same style with the Endless Quest gamebooks. On the third book the series title became Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Super Endless Quest Adventure Gamebook, then it was finally settled as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebook from book four onwards. Starting from the fifth book, the series adopted its signature woodgrain styled cover.

Nearly all the books take place in some AD&D settings with some of them set in specified campaign worlds like Dragonlance and the Forgotten Realms while the fifth book is set in historic Japan. Only the three books of volumes 7, 9 and 11 form an ongoing story in the Kingdom of Sorcery Trilogy. The rest are individual adventures.

Character Stats Card and Gameplay Edit

Each gamebook has its own pre-designed character featured on a detachable "Character Stats Card" on the first page. Apart from acting as a bookmark, the card holds essential data such as the character's name, class, skill points, hit points and other information. Before the story begins, the reader can assign additional points to different skills so as to specially define the character. The card also lets the reader keep track of changes on character data during the adventure.

The gamebooks employ the use of 6-sided dice in character customization and during the adventure. The reader can usually roll for additional hit points and sometimes experience points in the beginning. During the story, apart from making a decision, the reader may be required to roll the dice to determine if the character succeeds in using certain skills, which in turn affects the path the character takes in the story.

Some characters may even have spellcasting ability, special equipment and other possessions. Some books even have a time factor which affects the ending of the story. These information was also recorded in the card.

Gamebooks Edit

# Title Setting Author Published (YM) Cover Art by Interior Art by Ref[1]
1 Prisoners of Pax Tharkas Dragonlance Morris Simon 1985-02 Keith Parkinson Mark Nelson
2 The Ghost Tower Greyhawk Jean Blashfield 1985-05 Keith Parkinson Larry Day
3 Escape from Castle Quarras Generic D&D Douglas Niles 1985-06 Jeff Easley Mark Nelson
4 The Soulforge Dragonlance Terry Phillips 1985-09 Keith Parkinson Mark Nelson
5 Test of the Ninja 13th Century Japan Curtis Smith 1985-11 Clyde Caldwell Gary Williams
6 Master of Ravenloft AD&D Ravenloft Jean Blashfield 1986-01 Clyde Caldwell Gary Williams
7 Sceptre of Power Kingdom of Sorcery Trilogy, vol 1 Morris Simon 1986-03 Keith Parkinson George Barr
8 Nightmare Realm of Baba Yaga Generic D&D Roger E. Moore 1986-05 Jeff Easley Mark Nelson
9 The Sorcerer's Crown Kingdom of Sorcery Trilogy, vol 2 Morris Simon 1986-07 Clyde Caldwell George Barr
10 Lords of Doom Dragonlance Douglas Niles 1986-09 Larry Elmore Diana Magnuson
11 Clash of the Sorcerers Kingdom of Sorcery Trilogy, vol 3 Morris Simon 1986-11 Keith Parkinson George Barr
12 Curse of the Werewolf Generic D&D Chris Martindale 1987-02 Tim Hildebrandt Stephen (Steve) Fabian
13 Gates of Death Generic D&D Terry Phillips 1987-05 Carl Lundgren Jan Duursema
14 Trail Sinister Generic D&D James Brumbaugh 1987-08 Jeff Easley George Barr
15 The Vanishing City Generic D&D Allen Varney 1987-11 Clyde Caldwell Doug Chaffee
16 Shadow Over Nordmaar Dragonlance Dezra Despain 1988-02 Clyde Caldwell Mark Nelson
17 Spawn of Dragonspear Forgotten Realms Steve Perrin 1988-05 Keith Parkinson Douglas Ball
18 Prince of Thieves Generic D&D Chris Martindale 1988-08 Jeff Easley Chris Miller

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