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Accidents for Skills (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Accidents Happen

This is simple variant to represent all those real, terrifying, and horrible accidents that never seem to happen in D&D without GM fiat.

How it Works

On a natural 1 on a physical or any other "hands-on" skill or ability check, compare the DC of the check to the table below and apply appropriate damage and consequences in addition to the consequences of a normal failed check.

  • 10- Minor Accident, 1 damage or 1d6 non lethal damage. Examples include cutting yourself while whittling an item, face plant, dropping a tool on your foot, and bumping your head.
  • 11-15 Light Accident, 1d6 damage or 2d6 non lethal damage. Examples include branding yourself while forging, pulling a muscle, falling from a considerable hight, causing a small explosion in an alchemy attempt, and getting bitten by the dog you're training.
  • 16-20 Moderate Accident, 2d6 damage. Examples include burning yourself badly, impaling yourself on an environmental hazard, being caught in a deadfall, breaking bones, and getting mauled by the dog you're training.
  • 21-25 Major Accident, 2d10 damage. Examples include landing head first, near hangings, getting crushed, setting off a large explosion, getting trapped under a heavy object, and cutting yourself open. A character who suffers a Major Accident will suffer one of the following: blinded, deafened, confused, or entangled. These conditions will last until magical healing is applied. Aiding characters suffer a Moderate Accident.
  • 26+ Critical Accident, 2d20 damage. Examples include a collapsing castle, cave ins, mass destruction of property, massive fires, and chained explosions. A character that suffers a Critical Accident will suffer two of the conditions listed in the Major Accident section. There is a 25% chance that magical healing will fail, and a 50% chance that injuries will result in a Flaw if magical healing is not administered. Aiding characters suffer a Major Accident, and all characters within Short spell range (25 ft + 5 ft per two levels of the character committing the fail) will suffer a Moderate Accident.

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