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Accidents Happen Edit

This is simple variant to represent all those real, terrifying, and horrible accidents that never seem to happen in D&D without GM fiat.

How it Works Edit

On a natural 1 on a physical or any other "hands-on" skill or ability check, take the DC of the check, subtract the level and the relevant ability modifier of the attempting character, and compare the result to the table below and apply appropriate damage and consequences in addition to the consequences of a normal failed check.

  • 10- Minor Accident, 1 damage or 1d6 non lethal damage. Examples include cutting yourself while whittling an item, face plant, dropping a tool on your foot, and bumping your head.
  • 11-15 Light Accident, 1d6 damage or 2d6 non lethal damage. Examples include branding yourself while forging, pulling a muscle, falling from a considerable hight, causing a small explosion in an alchemy attempt, and getting bitten by the dog you're training.
  • 16-20 Moderate Accident, 2d6 damage. Examples include burning yourself badly, impaling yourself on an environmental hazard, being caught in a deadfall, breaking bones, and getting mauled by the dog you're training.
  • 21-25 Major Accident, 2d10 damage. Examples include landing head first, near hangings, getting crushed, setting off a large explosion, getting trapped under a heavy object, and cutting yourself open. A character who suffers a Major Accident will suffer one of the following: blinded, deafened, confused, or entangled. These conditions will last until magical healing is applied. Aiding characters suffer a Moderate Accident.
  • 26+ Critical Accident, 2d20 damage. Examples include a collapsing castle, cave ins, mass destruction of property, massive fires, and chained explosions. A character that suffers a Critical Accident will suffer two of the conditions listed in the Major Accident section. There is a 25% chance that magical healing will fail, and a 50% chance that injuries will result in a Flaw if magical healing is not administered. Aiding characters suffer a Major Accident, and all characters within Short spell range (25 ft + 5 ft per two levels of the character committing the fail) will suffer a Moderate Accident.

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