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Vile Feat: Vile feats are available only to creatures of the evil or chaotic evil alignment with an intelligence score of 3 or more. When you take a vile feat, you must make a vow (as stated in the feat's description). If you break this vow, you lose the benefits of the feat until you perform the vow of penance ritual (see below). When you take a vile feat, you automatically learn the vow of penance ritual, even if you cannot learn and perform rituals.

Vow of PenanceEdit

You bow before the darkness and accept your penance, no matter how excruciating it may be...

Level: 4e Ritual Level::1 Component Cost: 4e Ritual Component Cost::100 gp, plus a holy symbol worth at least 10gp
Category: 4e Ritual Category::Vile Market Price: 4e Ritual Market Price::—
Time: 4e Ritual Time::2 hours Key Skill: Religion (no check)
Duration: 4e Ritual Duration::—

You regain the ability to use any vile feats you lost the ability to use due to braking a vow. In addition, you lose 4 healing surges which you cannot regain for a week.

Vile Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Unspeakable Vow (4e Feat) Gain a +4 bonus to intimidate checks.
Vow of Vengeance (4e Feat) Gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls and to your critical threat range against a particular race or creature.
Vow of the Spider Queen (4e Feat) Unspeakable Vow, must worship Lolth You can use the Deadly poison power as a daily power.

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