<!--Delete this line (and only this line) before you save!--> {{Author |author_name=<!-- wiki login name --> |date_created=<!-- self-explanatory --> |status=<!-- what's left to be done? --> |isnotuser=I'm not a user<!-- if you have a username for this wiki delete this parameter--> }} == <!--Template name--> == <!--information about your Template--> '''Prerequisite:''' <!--prerequisites to gain the template. Put "&mdash" if the is no prerequisite--> {{4e Template |name= |level= |role= |size= |origin= |type= |keywords= |xp= |initiative= |senses= |aura1= |aurakeyword1= |aurarange1= |auraeffect1= |aura2= |aurakeyword2= |aurarange2= |auraeffect2= |special= |effect= |hp= |bloodied= |ac= |fortitude= |reflex= |will= |immune/resist/vulnerable= |savingthrows= |speed= |actionpoints= }} {{4e Creature Power |type= |name= |action= |recharge= |keywords= |effect= }} <!--repeat as required--> |} ---- {{4e Creature Templates Breadcrumb}} [[Category:4e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Creature]] [[Category:Template]] [[Category:<!--Your templates's role-->]] [[Category:<!--your template's type-->]] [[Category:<!--your template's subtype-->]]

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