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Spider Feat: Spider feats are feats only available to creatures of the spider keyword. Spider feats are typed to a specific species of spider (Lycosidae, Theraphosidae, Saltacidae etc.); only a spider of that keyword can select a spider feat of that type (for example, only a spider with the salticidae keyword can select feats of the type [Spider- Saltacidae]). If you are a spider rider, you can select spider feats, so long as your spider fulfils the prerequisites, however, only your spider can gain the benefits of the feat. If you are a spider rider and are elegible to take spider feats yourself, both you and your spider can both use any spider feats you have, so long as you both fulfil the prerequisites.

General Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Araneidae Aspect (4e Feat) Dex 14 You can use entangle as a daily power.
Brutal Charge (4e Feat) Str 14 Gain a +1 bonus to damage when you charge
Brute Fang (4e Feat) Str 14 The damage die of your bite attack increases.
Ctenizidae Aspect (4e Feat) Dex 16 Gain tremorsense.
Death Leaper (4e Feat) Dex 16 You are leaping death to your foes.
Lycosid Precision (4e Feat) Str 12, Dex 14 1/Day, re-roll a single bite attack roll.
Lycosid Speed (4e Feat) Str 12, Dex 14 Gain a bonus to your speed.
Lycosidae Aspect (4e Feat) Str 12, Dex 14 You have the strength of a mighty wolf spider, and the speed of one too.
Mighty Leap (4e Feat) Dex 16 You are particulaly skilled at making mighty leaps.
Perfect Accuracy (4e Feat) Str 12, Dex 14 Gain a +1d4 bonus to your lycosid precision re-roll.
Prodigeous Leap (4e Feat) Dex 16 You can leap unbelievably huge distances.
Salticidae Aspect (4e Feat) Dex 16 You have all the leaping talent of your salticid kin.
Scytodidae Aspect (4e Feat) Dex 14 You can use spit as a daily power.
Theraphosidae Aspect (4e Feat) Str 14 You have the brute strength and power of a theraphosid.
Urticating Hair (4e Feat) Str 14. You can use Urticating hair as an daily power.

Top-level feats in this list are organized alphabetically

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