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Paragon Feats: Paragon feats are avalable to characters of Paragon tier or higher.

Paragon Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Adaptive Singer (4e Feat) Songweaver, Cha 20 You can roll arcana ckecks twice and use the highest result.
Agile Crawler (4e Feat) Spydric-One Ignore penalties for squeezing
Armor Specialization (Leather) (4e Feat) Dex 15, training with leather armor. You are skilled with leather armor.
Armor Specialization (Spidersilk) (4e Feat) Dex 15, training with spidersilk. You are skilled with spidersilk armor.
Body Fuel (4e Feat) Psionic Augmentation class feature Burn healing surges to recover power points
Cloak of the Obyrith (4e Feat) Demonic Ancestry. Gain resist 1 untyped damage.
Coercive Spell (4e Feat) - Your spell cause a -2 penalty to the target's will defence.
Deadly Blade (4e Feat) Dex 18 You can strike your foes precicely in vital spot.
Deafening Spell (4e Feat) - All creatures hit by your attack spell are deafened.
Death Leaper (4e Feat) Dex 16 You are leaping death to your foes.
Demonic Sight (4e Feat) 15th level, Demonic Heritage feat You gain darkvision, +2 feat bonus to Perception checks
Demonic Telepathy (4e Feat) 11th level, Demonic Heritage feat You gain the ability to communicate telepathically
Disrupting Spell (4e Feat) - Your spell cause a -2 penalty the target's attack rolls made as part as non-martial powers.
Distracting Dance (4e Feat) Songweaver, Cha 17, Dex 15 When you move two squares, allies adjacent to your starting space gain a +1 bonus to AC and reflex.
Empower Spell (4e Feat) Ability to use one or more Arcane powers. +1d8 damage
Fell Drain (4e Feat) - Foes damaged by your spells are also weakened.
Fell Terror (4e Feat) - Foes hit by your spells are dazed.
Fell Weaken (4e Feat) - Foes hit by your spells take a -2 penalty to Strength based checks.
Fey Dance (4e Feat) Elf, Songweaver, Fey Step racial power When you use Fey step, one ally teleports 5 squares.
Fiery Redoubt (4e Feat) Azer, warding flame racial power +4 to damage with fire powers after using warding flame
Glancing Claws (4e Feat) Hito-Neko Even when you miss the enemy still feels some pain.
Gloom Strike (4e Feat) Extra damage class feature +3 dice, Drow, Darkness racial power Your sneak attacks leave a residue of darkness that clouds your enemy's vision.
Hands of a Healer (4e Feat) Songweaver, Flute of the Healer Instrument Mastery When an ally within 2 squares spends a healing surge, that ally regains additional hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier.
Harmony of Aid (4e Feat) Songweaver, Dex 15 Grant the benefits of second wind to an adjacent ally by using your second wind.
Harmony of Feywild Protection (4e Feat) Elf, Songweaver, Fey Step racial power, fey Dance When you use Fey Dance, you and an ally gain a +2 bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn.
Harmony of Rest (4e Feat) Songweaver, Dex 15 Grant allies an additional 5 hit points with Song of Rest.
Heart of the Nabassu (4e Feat) Demonic Ancestry. Gain resistance to necrotic damage equal to the number of abyssal heritor feats that you posess.
Imperious Command (4e Feat) Cha 16, Trained in Intimidate You gain the Imperious Command power as a Lolthtouched racial power.
Improved Song of Ancient Grudges (4e Feat) Dwarf, Songweaver, Song of Ancient Grudges Once per encounter, grant an ally an action point with Song of Ancient Grudges.
Instrument Proficiency (4e Feat) Songweaver, Arcane Instrument Mastery Gain mastery with a second instrument.
Invigorating Growth (4e Feat) Andugr, expansion racial power Extra saving throw, +2 to Fortitude defense when you use expansion
Mighty Leap (4e Feat) Dex 16 You are particulaly skilled at making mighty leaps.
Musical Healer (4e Feat) Any Songweaver multiclass feat, paragon multiclassing as a songweaver. Gain the songweaver's Healing Touch power.
Pack Tactics (4e Feat) Gnoll +1 to damage against targets adjacent to an ally, +2 if flanking
Poison Spell (4e Feat) Arachnomancer, or ability to use one or more arcane powers. You can mystically transfer poison with your spells.
Poison Talons (4e Feat) Claws of the Beast, Demonic Ancestry. You can secrete Abyssal poison onto your claws.
Radiant Spell (4e Feat) - Your spells create an area of light.
Shadow Dance (4e Feat) Songweaver, Dex 17 On your turn, gain concealment when you move 3 squares.
Song of Courage (4e Feat) Songweaver Grant an ally temporary hit points equal to your Charisma modifier when your ally spends a healing surge.
Song of the Inspirited Guardian (4e Feat) Songweaver, Healing Melody power When you are bloodied and use a healing power, grant hit points an ally other than the target.
Split Spell (4e Feat) Ability to use one or more Arcane powers. Target additional target with ranged spell.
Taunting Voice (4e Feat) Derro, scream of insanity racial power You can mark targets hit by your scream of insanity
Umbral Spell (4e Feat) - Your spells create an area of darkness.
Unspeakable Vow (4e Feat) Gain a +4 bonus to intimidate checks.
Vow of Vengeance (4e Feat) Gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls and to your critical threat range against a particular race or creature.
Vow of the Spider Queen (4e Feat) Unspeakable Vow, must worship Lolth You can use the Deadly poison power as a daily power.

Top-level feats in this list are organized alphabetically

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