<!--delete this line (and only this line) before you save!--> {{author |author_name=<!-- Insert your name here --> |date_created=<!-- Insert date here --> |status=<!-- Insert idea's status here --> |isnotuser=I'm not a user<!-- if you have a username for this wiki delete this parameter--> }} You can use the following class features in place of <!--class features that this variant replaes-->. If you use this variant, you gain the following class features in place of those class features. ===<!--Variant name--> (<!--prerequisite class--> Variant)=== <!--description--> ====<!--First replacement class feature-->==== <!--class feature--> <!--repeat as necessary--> ---- Back to [[Main Page]] → [[4e Homebrew|4e Homebrew]] → [[4e Character Options|Character Options]] → [[4e Class Feature Variants|Class Feature Variants]]. [[Category:4e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Class Feature Variant]]

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