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{{author |author_name=<!-- Insert your name here. --> |date_created=<!-- Insert date here. Day Month Year. --> |status=<!--how close to completion.--> |isnotuser=true<!-- if you're a registered user, delete this line --> }} {{3.5e Mundane Weapon |weap=<!-- Weapon Name --> |sme=<!-- Weapon proficiency. s=Simple, m=Martial, or e=Exotic. Enter one lowercase letter only; ex: "e" --> |ulot=<!-- Weapon handedness. u=Unarmed, l=Light, o=One handed, t=Two handed. Enter one lowercase letter only; ex: "l" --> |ampt=<!-- Weapon class. a=Ammunition, m=Melee, p=Projectile, t=Throwing, mt=Melee *and* throwing. Enter the lowercase letter(s) only; ex: "mt" --> |cost=<!-- The gp value of your weapon, minus the "gp". Example: "30" --> |sdamage=<!-- The small-sized damage value of your weapon. Example: "1d4" --> |mdamage=<!-- The medium-sized damage value of your weapon. Example: "1d6" --> |crit=<!-- The critical hit threat range and multiplier of your weapon. Example: "18-20/x2" --> |range=<!-- The range increment of your weapon, in feet. If it has none, delete this line. Example: "60" --> |weight=<!-- The weight, in pounds, of your weapon. Example: "3" --> |type=<!-- The damage type of your weapon. Examples: "Piercing and Slashing", "Bludgeoning", "Bludgeoning or Piercing" --> |hp=<!-- The number of HP your weapon has by default. Example: "10" --> |hardness=<!-- The hardness of your weapon by default. Example: "8" --> }} <!-- Insert the description of your weapon here. Be sure to use proper sentence structure. --> ---- {{3.5e Mundane Weapons Breadcrumb}} [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Equipment]] [[Category:Weapon]] [[Category:Mundane]]

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