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Delete this line before you save {{author |author_name= |date_created= |status= |isnotuser=I'm not a user<!-- if you have a username for this wiki delete this parameter--> }} ==<!-- Name, Title of your Vestige -->== [[Summary::<!-- Discribe your vestige here, this will appear on the list linking here. -->]] '''Level:''' [[Level::<!-- What level is it? Up to 8th. -->]] '''Binding DC:''' <!-- What is the DC? --> '''Special Requirement:''' <!-- Yes or No --> ===Legend=== <!-- How did it come to be? --> ===Special summoning=== <!-- What special requirement does it have? Delete this section if it does not apply. --> ===Manifestation=== <!-- How does it appear? --> ===Sign=== <!-- What visual effect does it have on your body? --> ===Influence=== <!-- How does it affect your behavior on a bad pact? --> ===Granted Abilities=== ====<!-- Name of Ability -->==== <!-- What it does --> ====<!-- Name of Ability -->==== <!-- What it does --> ====<!-- Name of Ability -->==== <!-- What it does --> <!-- Repeat as needed... --> ---- {{3.5e Vestiges Breadcrumb}} [[Category:Vestige]] [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]]

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