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REMOVE THIS LINE BEFORE YOU SAVE!!! {{author |author_name=<!-- Insert your name here. --> |date_created=<!-- Insert date here. Month Day Year. --> |status=<!-- Insert idea's status here. --> |isnotuser=I'm not a user<!-- if you have a username for wikia, delete this parameter.--> }} == <!-- Subtype Name --> Subtype == <span style="display:none">[[Summary::<!--Write a short one-sentence description of your article. This appears on the navigation page.-->]]</span> <!--Insert here description to explain what Type(s) of creatures have this subtype, the special abilities of these creatures and other traits that identify creatures of this subtype.--> ====== Traits ====== A <!-- Subtype Name --> creature possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry). * <!-- Special Ability Name (Ex), (Su), (Sp), or (Ps). -->: <!-- Game rule information about special ability. --> * <!-- Special Ability Name (Ex), (Su), (Sp), or (Ps). -->: <!-- Game rule information about special ability. Repeat as needed. --> * [[Spell-Like Ability]]: <!-- frequency of use -->—<!-- List of spell-like abilities that (mostly) duplicate existing spells. Unique SLAs have their own bullets (see previous line) -->. Caster level is <!-- caster level -->. The save DC is <!-- an ability score -->-based. * [[Psi-Like Ability]]: <!-- frequency of use -->—<!-- list of psi-like abilities that (mostly) duplicate existing powers or spells. Unique PLAs have their own bullets -->. Manifester level is <!-- manifester level -->. The save DC is <!-- an ability score -->-based. == <!-- Subtype Name --> Subtype Creatures== The following creatures have the <!-- Subtype Name --> subtype: {| class="zebra d20" style="text-align: left;" |- |+ Table: <!-- Subtype Name --> Creatures ! Name !! Description {{#ask: [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Subtype::<!-- Subtype Name -->]] |?Summary |format=template |template=Table Row |limit=9999 |link=none }} |} ---- {{3.5e Glossary Articles Breadcrumb}} [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Creature Subtype]]

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