<!-- Delete this line (and only this line) before you save! --> {{Project Completeness |1}} {{author |author_name=<!--username--> |date_created=<!--todays date--> |status=<!--articles completeness status--> |isnotuser=true<!--if you have a username delete this parameter--> }} == <!--Sourcebook Name--> == [[Summary::<!--Relatively short (around 30 words) description-->]] <!--Continuation of description and explanation of the contents of your sourcebook.--> This supplement for the D&D game presents <!--The contents of your sourcebook.--> === Contents === [[/Introduction|'''Introduction''']] :[[/Introduction#<!--Section One-->|<!--Section One-->]] :[[/Introduction#<!--Section Two-->|<!--Section Two-->]] :[[/Introduction#<!--Section Three-->|<!--Section Three-->]] :[[/Introduction#<!--Section Four-->|<!--Section Four-->]] :[[/Introduction#<!--Repeat as necessary--> [[/<!--Chapter One Name-->|'''Chapter 1: <!--Chapter One Name-->''']] :[[/<!--Chapter One Name-->#<!--Section One-->|<!--Section One-->]] :[[/<!--Chapter One Name-->#<!--Section Two-->|<!--Section Two-->]] :[[/<!--Chapter One Name-->#<!--Section Three-->|<!--Section Three-->]] :[[/<!--Chapter One Name-->#<!--Section Four-->|<!--Section Four-->]] :[[/<!--Chapter One Name-->#<!--Repeat as necessary--> [[/<!--Chapter Two Name-->|''Chapter 2: <!--Chapter Two Name-->''']] :[[/<!--Chapter Two Name-->#<!--Section One-->|<!--Section One-->]] :[[/<!--Chapter Two Name-->#<!--Section Two-->|<!--Section Two-->]] :[[/<!--Chapter Two Name-->#<!--Section Three-->|<!--Section Three-->]] :[[/<!--Chapter Two Name-->#<!--Section Four-->|<!--Section Four-->]] :[[/<!--Chapter Two Name-->#<!--Repeat as necessary--> <!--Repeat as necessary--> ---- {{3.5e Sourcebooks Breadcrumb}} [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Sourcebook]]

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