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<!--Delete this line (and only this line) before you save!--> {{author |author_name=<!--your username--> |date_created=<!--today's date--> |status=<!--Insert idea's status here.--> |isnotuser=I'm not a user<!-- if you have a username for this wiki delete this parameter--> }} <onlyinclude>{{3.5e Maneuver |name=<!-- name of maneuver--> |discipline=<!-- discipline name only; ex: Desert Wind, Chthonic Serpent --> |type=<!-- type of maneuver; ex: Boost, Stance, Strike --> |desc=<!-- maneuver descriptors; ex: Fire --> |lvl=<!-- just the level of the maneuver; NOT the classes that can use it; ex: 4 --> |prereq=<!-- maneuver prerequisites, if any; ex: Two Desert Wind maneuvers --> |initiation=<!-- initiation action; use either "swift", "immediate", "standard", "full", or whatever the action is such as "Five minutes" --> |range=<!-- range --> |tsea=<!-- target (t), targets (ts), effect (e), area (a), or any combination thereof (e.g. "ea") --> |subj=<!-- subject(s) of the maneuver; ex: "One creature" or "Cone" --> |dur=<!-- duration --> |save=<!-- what kind of saving throw this maneuver allows --> |summary=<!-- the summary of the maneuver that will appear on the maneuver discipline list; this will not appear on the maneuver page --> }} ''<!-- fluff text for your maneuver -->'' <!--Detailed description of your maneuver.--> </onlyinclude> ---- {{3.5e <!-- name of the maneuver discipline (e.g. "Desert Wind" or "Chthonic Serpent") --> Maneuver Breadcrumb}} [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Maneuver]]

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