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<!-- Remove this line before you save! --> {{author |author_name=<!-- Insert your name here. --> |date_created=<!-- Insert date here. Day Month Year. --> |status=<!--how close to completion.--> |editing= |isnotuser=<!--if the above author name is your wikia user login, delete this line.--> }} == <!--Your Equipment's Name--> == {{#set:Summary=A short sentence or two that describes your item. This will show up on the navigation pages, but not in this page.}} <!-- Your Item's Information. Be sure to use proper sentence structure. --> <!-- Replace the following line with the prerequisites for your item's creation. --> Strong conjuration; CL 15th; [[SRD:Craft Wondrous Item|Craft Wondrous Item]], ''[[SRD:Plane Shift|plane shift]]''; Price 120,000 gp. ---- {{3.5e <!--item category pluralized--> Breadcrumb}} <!-- where "item category pluralized" is Wondrous Items, Rings, Rods, Weapons, etc. --> [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Equipment]] <!--Choose one of the following five categories for your item--> [[Category:Mundane]] <!-- For mundane items--> [[Category:Magic]] <!-- For magic items--> [[Category:Psionic]] <!-- For psionic items--> [[Category:Epic]] <!-- For epic magic items--> [[Category:Artifact]] <!-- For artifact items--> <!--Choose one of the following that best fits your item and mundane/magic/etc. category.--> [[Category:Adventuring Gear]] [[Category:Alchemical]] [[Category:Armor]] [[Category:Tool]] [[Category:Food]] [[Category:Jewelry]] [[Category:Outfit]] [[Category:Poison]] [[Category:Shield]] [[Category:Clothing]] [[Category:Trade Good]] [[Category:Trap]] [[Category:Vehicle]] [[Category:Armor Enhancement]] [[Category:Cursed]] [[Category:Flavor Treasure]] [[Category:Potion or Oil]] [[Category:Quest Item]] [[Category:Ring]] [[Category:Rod]] [[Category:Staff]] [[Category:Shield]] [[Category:Shield Enhancement]] [[Category:Weapon Enhancement]] [[Category:Wondrous Item]] [[Category:Graft]]

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