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{{author |author_name=<!-- username/name --> |date_created=<!-- date --> |status=<!-- development comments --> |isnotuser=<!-- if you have a username delete this parameter --> }} {{3.5e Deity |hdligo=<!-- h = Hero, d = demigod, l = lesser deity, i = intermediate deity, g = greater deity, or o = overdeity --> |sym=<!-- holy symbol --> |plane=<!-- home plane --> |align=<!-- alignment --> |port=<!-- (Portfolio (The general area that is overseen (e.g. agriculture, honor, the down-trodden, etc.)) --> |calign=<!-- This is ignored for hero deities. Alignment restrictions of divine spellcasters who claim this deity as a patron god(dess) --> |dom=<!-- This is ignored for hero deities. clerical domains --> |favweap=<!-- favored weapon --> }} [[Summary::A one-sentence summary of your deity that will appear on the index page.]] <!-- General description of deity --> === Dogma === <!-- Basic description of is encouraged and what is discouraged among followers --> === Clergy and Temples === <!-- A description of the clergy and the temples that it keeps --> === Pantheon === <!-- If this deity adheres to a pantheon describe it's affiliation here. --> ---- {{3.5e Deities Breadcrumb}} [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Deity]]

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